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Experience a world-first in the commercial production of colloidal silica from natural geothermal water.

Geothermal Colloidal Silica

High Quality.
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Product Data
Properties Designation
  • Varying surface areas (200-550m²/g)
  • Particle sizes (5-14nm)
  • Stabilising ions (Na, NHȝ, K, Li)
  • High and low pH variants

The trade name of our colloidal silica contains two pairs of digits to represent the basic properties of the materials:

  • The first pair gives the average particle diameter (in nm).
  • The second pair gives the solids content in mass%.
  • Letters in the name refer to special modifications (e.g. Na for sodium stabilised).
Application Areas
Application Functions Product
Adhesives Functional fillers & binders for adjusting viscosity, increasing thermal stability & mechanical strength of bonded joints. GEO40™ SOL-1440Na
Construction Stabiliser and sedimentation reducer in high performance concrete. Concrete surface modification (Finishing). Where ground consolidation is required. Cementing in oilfield drilling, securing of drill holes. Shotcrete additive and improved control of the flow behaviour of concrete sludge. GEO40™ SOL-0830Na GEO40™ SOL-1030Na
Electricity Storage & Electromobility Gel & AGM Accumulators Generation of solid electrolytes for acid-based systems. GEO40™ SOL-1440Na
Food and Beverage Beverage clarification clarifying agent and adsorbent for removal of turbid materials & bittering agents. As a fining agent it can remove undesirable components from liquids i.e. wine. GEO40™ SOL-0830Na GEO40™ SOL-1430Na GEO40™ SOL-1440Na
Foundry & Investment Casting Acting as a binder when combined with refractory ceramic materials on prefabricated moulded bodies. Application for highly complex castings in automotive, engine & aircraft construction as well as medical fields such as implants & instruments. GEO40™ SOL-0830Na GEO40™ SOL-1030Na GEO40™ SOL-1430Na GEO40™ SOL-1440Na
Paints, Varnishes & Pigments Adhesion, weather resistance, anti-soiling properties when used in silicate paint formulation. GEO40™ SOL-0830Na GEO40™ SOL-1030Na GEO40™ SOL-1440Na
Refractory & Ceramics Ceramic insulation binder in insulation applications (heat or electricity) in power line and transformer construction (High-voltage isolators); High-temperature sensor coating, wire-armoured heating elements, Insulating plates. Manufacture of vacuum moulded segments and boards with ceramic fibres. GEO40™ SOL-0830Na GEO40™ SOL-1030Na GEO40™ SOL-1430Na GEO40™ SOL-1440Na GEO40™ SOL-1030NH3 GEO40™ SOL-1430NH3
Steel & Electrical Steel Mechanically stronger coatings, corrosion protection & anti-slip coating. GEO40™ SOL-0615Na GEO40™ SOL-0830Na
Textile & Fabrics A coating to stabilise weave structure, enhance dirt resistance and reduce fibre fraying in textiles and fabrics. Fibre reinforcement against high loads such as friction, tensile strength & chemical influences. GEO40™ SOL-1430Na
Water Treatment & Purification Precipitation of fine impurities by flocculation, and pre-treatment of industrial wastewater. GEO40™ SOL-0615Na
Wood, Pulp & Paper Enhances flocculation of cellulose fibres, improves water drainage and ultimately increases the dry strength of paper products. GEO40™ SOL-1030Na