Commissioned February 2021

The world’s first large scale plant, sustainably recovering ultra-low-carbon, nanoparticle colloidal silica from geothermal fluid.

Our Assets

Our asset base is growing. We currently have four key assets.

  • Ohaaki Northern Plant, New Zealand

    In February 2021, Geo40 commissioned the Ohaaki Northern Plant, the company’s first commercial development, which has the capacity to produce over 5,000 tonnes per annum of ultra-low-carbon colloidal silica.

    We make customised products for over a dozen markets.

  • Ohaaki-Ngawha-Plant

    Ohaaki Ngawha Plant, New Zealand

    This plant was commissioned in 2018, and is capable of producing 500 tonnes per annum of colloidal silica.

    Now being automated to improve profitability, we use this asset to make new innovative silica products.

  • Geo40 Lithium Test Rig

    Lithium Test Rig, New Zealand

    This plant successfully recovers lithium from geothermal fluid on a continuous basis in New Zealand.

    It continues to be modified as out technology develops and is likely to be superseded by a pilot plant in 2022.

  • Geo40 Containerised Silica Pilot Plant, Japan

    Silica Pilot Plants, International

    We own two container-sized silica recovery plants that have operated in NZ and Japan and are available to partners for small-scale testing and piloting.

Two categories: Two jobs.

Our assets fall into two categories: operational assets and development assets.

Operational assets demonstrate our mineral-recovery technologies at scale and are profitable. Profit, of course, is the engine that permits innovation. Our two Ohaaki silica plants are in this category.

Our development assets are smaller and are a key part of the transition from the laboratory to an operational asset. Our two containerised silica pilot plants paved the way for our operational silica assets, just as we trust that our lithium test rig will give rise to the same journey.

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