Geothermal Silica

We supply customised silica solutions

We sustainably recover colloidal silica from geothermal fluids, with a consequently low-carbon footprint

Colloidal silica has traditionally been manufactured in a very carbon intensive fashion, which required quartz-rich sand to be melted in a blast furnace at very high temperatures.

Geo40 extracts its silica directly from solution downstream of the power station, without the need to disturb the surface with mining. The depleted solution is then re-injected back into the hydrothermal aquifer, helping to maintain its water balance.

Never before has the market had the opportunity to source high-quality, low-carbon geothermal silicas produced in an environmentally sustainable manner. Our geothermally-derived colloidal silicas compete technically in multiple high-quality applications. Our flexible process technology enables us to make a growing range of products tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our Colloidal silica is the first commercially produced directly from geothermal fluids in an environmentally sustainable manner and with a much lower carbon footprint than industry norms.

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